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Fly Safe Group is a team born in 2005 and made up by professionals who work in the different fields of the aviation industry: airline and general aviation pilots, airplane and helicopter flight instructors, mechanics, engineers, cabin crew, aircraft dispatchers and lawyers specialized in aviation law; all certified in Argentina and abroad.

We have drawn our long-standing experience by providing our services and advice to flight schools, students, air transport services companies and governmental entities in Argentina, the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China.

In 2016, Fly Safe Group registered as a federal government supplier and, since then, has collaborated with the Argentine government by rendering advise, support, and specialized services in relation to aeronautical projects.

We decided it was time to put together our knowledge and experience and the result is unique: the first professional aviation consulting firm in Argentina that works actively with the client and up to the aeronautical standards of this millennium.

Our main objective is to take the aviation industry to the next step by providing the best advice and management services to the different members of the industry, from students, flight schools, aircraft maintenance companies to passenger cabin crew and air service companies. Fly Safe Group has a specialist for each field your business or professional project requires.

Our mission is to promote aviation training at an academic level, providing pilots and students with accurate information and the best possible advice to make the most of their professional career. There are no referents in this field to coordinate and implement actions, and this poses a challenge we are ready to face: bridge the gap between those who demand and strive for an aviation industry of excellence and training professionals fit for such industry.

Our services are aimed at making a difference in the aviation world and at those willing to be part of this change. We would like to hear from you! Our team is available 24/7.

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Are you sure your next charter flight meets all the requirements?

No matter whether you hire a charter for pleasure or for business, we carry out and exhaustive study (of our suppliers) to verify that all requirements are met -not only contractual ones imposed by ANAC but also those related to correct aircraft maintenance and mandatory insurance- and we remain available throughout your itinerary to make sure your experience excels your expectations.


  • Aircraft for every need
  • Legal assistance at the time of hiring
  • Tailored assistance until the end of the contract
  • Flights for pleasure, recreational or business purposes
  • Food catering


Are you looking for a comprehensive ferry flight service?

Fly Safe Group provides ferry services staffed by crew certified in Argentina and in the U.S. We can fly your aircraft to any place on the planet, in the most effective and economical way.

  • ANAC and FAA-certified crew
  • Domestic and international destinations
  • Certification and test flights
  • Commercial and executive planes and helicopters
  • OPTION: Helicopters and commercial and executive planes
  • Customs and immigration services
  • Advice prior to aircraft purchase
  • Full itinerary tracking



Aerorutas S.A.T.A. and Fly Safe Group teamed up in 2016 to create a new Training Center in San Fernando International Airport. The following year, we got certified and started to offer theory training courses under RAAC 141 and RAAC 142 (both established by ANAC, the Civil Aviation Authority in Argentina)

At our training center, Aerorutas C.I.A.C., we offer comprehensive training courses for the different license types issued by ANAC. Our courses include instrument training with an IFR ground trainer that aids our theory courses and our instructors’ wealth of experience.

We have become RAAC-147 certified and are actually offering training courses for aircraft mechanics, as well as the Restricted Radio Operator course (license issued by ENACOM, the Federal Communications Agency in Argentina).

We want to change the dynamics of flight training in our country and cannot find a better reason to invite you to meet us: if you want to pioneer a new way of training and self-investment, contact us!


We provide advice management services for companies and individuals. You can profit from our experience whether you are already in the industry or just starting.

  • Development of commercial strategies for aviation entrepreneurs
  • Software development for aviation companies and government agencies
  • Advice on investments
  • TV and graphic productions rental and management/coordination
  • Aircraft plotting
  • Observation flights
  • Aerial advertising
  • Aerial photography and filming
  • Drone filming


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San Fernando International Airport (SADF), Buenos Aires, Argentina.